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Providing our global customers with exceptional service and high quality flutes at wholesale prices

Our goal is to ensure that every customer receives the best instrument, in perfect working condition, and at the best price.  We are an independent instrument dealer who offer new, pre-owned - reconditioned, gently used, rare, vintage, and custom flutes plus clarinets at wholesale prices. 

Our expert technician adjusts every instrument before it is shipped.  You will receive an instrument that plays properly and looks great with a 3 day in home acceptance period.  At Winds101, nothing is more rewarding than a satisfied customer. 

We do not engage in the business practices that plague this industry:

1). We do not “sell up” and / or push excess inventory.

2). We do not sell “off the shelf” flutes that are not prepared for sale by our expert technician.

3). We do not sell on consignment.

    We also purchase high quality instruments - to learn more, please contact us at or call us at 248-885-2583


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