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Kind words from a few of our customers

I am a Professional Flutist in Milwaukee, and have been dealing exclusively with Liz, Winds101, in obtaining flutes for my students.   She not only is an incredibly honest and ethical business person, but she is a flutist who understands what student flutists (and pros) need.  She knows her inventory from the perspective of being a player!  You won't find this in most music stores.

You should feel extremely confident in doing business with her.
Good luck to your daughter!



Rick Aaron, Flutist


You may use any, all, or part of this as it suits you.  Julie

I was searching for a used flute online when I came across Winds101, a dealer in Michigan. There was an ad for a flute I wanted. When I contacted them, I found out they had sold the flute already. However, they offered me a different flute, same model. I paid with a cashierís check, and the flute was shipped to me within hours. When I received the flute, however, there was a problem with one of the springs, and I had to return it.  Liz readily accepted the flute back, and offered a complete refund for the flute. Neither Liz nor the flute mechanic could replicate the problem Iíd had with the flute, but since I still wanted the flute, they went the extra mile to make sure it worked for me. We agreed the problem was probably climatic (MI winter vs. SoCal winter), and even though the people at Winds101 couldnít find a problem with the mechanisms, they replaced the problematic spring and quickly returned the flute to me. Problem solved. I am so happy with my flute, and with my experience with Winds101. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality used flute, and a quality buying experience!


Fullerton, CA


Dear Liz,

Thank You so much for the Flute.  I love it.  It looks new and plays perfectly.  The performance I get out of this Flute is amazing.

Flute Major, Paris France

Purchased Custom Flute for Performance

Yamaha Nippon Gakki Co. Ltd model 481H (30+ yr old Flute A=440 HZ scale) with custom fitted Headjoint


Hi Liz, 

I wanted to thank you one more time for the time you took to provide me information and helping me to decide on a flute for my daughter.  I have attached a photo of her unwrapping her flute on Christmas day.  If the smile doesnít tell the story I will tell you she was elated.  She started playing it right away and was simply thrilled because she could hit both a higher and lower note that she was having trouble with on her old flute.  I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday season.  Thank you again!

Warmest Regards,

Parent of a 16 yr old Flutist purchasing her first set up semi-professional Flute



HI Liz,


The flute arrived Thursday afternoon.  Everything is perfect. I'm in love.  Thank you so much for everything.  So nice of you to include the chamis and cleaning cloth and the outer case!  I don't know anyone in the market for a flute right now but I will be sure to recommend you highly if I do in the future.  Thanks again.




Dear Liz:

Thank-you so, so much for supplying my flute! I just got it today, and spent a whole hour playing it, with all but one of the plugs in. It is gorgeous, with excellent tone quality that even my untrained ear can pick up. Itís a whole lot of fun to play, and reminds me why I chose flute to be my main instrument.

We picked it up today at my dadís office, and everybody who was there oohed and aahed. Then later tonight, two of my close friends and their mom came in and listened to me "show off."

Thanks so much again!



Hello Liz:

The flute arrived Thursday afternoon in good shape.

You said you would like to know how I liked it, that you thought I would love it, but if you were wrong that I  could return it. Let me put it this way:

The only way you will see this flute again is if you can pry it loose from my cold, dead fingers !

It is without a doubt the most beautiful, greatest sounding flute I have ever seen.

 JH Florida  


Liz, I really love my flute.  I snuck it into my closet last night so I could keep playing 

after everyone else went to bed!  It's lovely.  Already I can hit notes that before were just not happening.  It's lighter than I expected which is a good thing and has a wonderful sweet sound. 

Regards, N.



Liz, thank you very much.  We got the flute last Monday. and it looked great. My daughter was able to play it yesterday. She is very happy with it.



I'm in love with my new flute.  My teacher, Lise Flack, who is very finicky about flutes was impressed with the flute.  I can't believe how much better I sound and the beautiful tone of my new flute.  Now my family stays around when I play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would definitely recommend Winds101 and the personal attention from Liz



My miscellaneous items arrived a while back, and I am enjoying my new Yamaha flute immensely.  
I have had my first lesson with a very highly regarded 
local teacher and she thinks I will progress quickly.
Thank you again.  I am very satisfied with our transaction.



The Di Medici flute arrived yesterday afternoon, and it is far more beautiful than you described!  Your description did not come close to doing it justice.  I know I got a phenomenal deal on this instrument, and your professionalism and attention to detail during the entire process thoroughly exceeded my expectations.  There is no doubt that I will recommend Winds101 to anyone and everyone looking for a great flute, with great service, at an outstanding price.

Thank you very much -- looks like you earned a customer for life.

Jim M
Howell, NJ


Dear Liz

My son has adapted well to his new Pearl flute.  He is playing first chair, and really sounds good now.  Thank you so much for helpfulness, and making sure we received such a perfect instrument. 




Ellie loves her new Pearl Flute.  We took it to a local technician for inspection, and he said we got a great flute at a great price.  She is practicing more and more.  Thanks again,




Received the flute...nicer than expected. The headjoint is like day vs. nite compared to my current flute.   The third octave is amazing.

Thanx again and extra for the nice case. Better than the plastic yamaha pochette style that you mentioned.

anyways...thanx, jeff


The flute arrived on Wednesday.  I was going to write to you immediately, but I thought I had better wait to make sure that I was still as happy playing after a few days as I was with my first impression.

Anyway, I have now played with it for several hours, and I am really happy.  The response from the instrument is so much more accurate and dependable.  The weight and balance are great, and I love the sound, although the first day I really deafened myself.  I did not know how little effort it takes to make such a rich sound.

This is the thing, I think, that I like the most about this head joint. The less tension, the better it sounds, the more seamless the transitions between registers.  And of course, since I am not forced to micromanage the sound, I have far more awareness of what I doing with my fingers.  I particularly noticed that the footjoint on this flute is far better organized.

Getting from C, to C# to D# is actually possible.  I could write much more about how pleased I am, but I am sure that is no surprise to you.

Mr. L. F

Toronto, Canada


Hi Liz,

Thanks again for all your help  Like I said, if you have a customer that needs an ďAltus referralĒ, Iíd be glad to do it.

L.C. Arkansas


Dear Liz,

Today we receive the flute and are very very very happy. Instrument looks great and play wonderful. I will send you pictures with my daughter and flute and MP3 with her performance. For me was pleasure to work with you. Thank you very much!

Best regards:




Dear Liz,

Iíve received an instrument yesterday and invoice in Friday. Flute comes without any problems or damages. Play lightly and his sound is beautiful. Iíve never imagine that he will be so beautiful. Itís look like new one!  Iím to acquire congratulations from my friends.

Heartily greetings and thanks a lot...




It sure looks great. It will take another couple of days to get it into my daughterís hands, 
but I know when it does, it will sound as good as it looks.
Thank you for a transaction completely good, through and through.


I wanted to get back to you sooner to touch base with you regarding the flute we purchased for my daughter this summer.  It arrived in perfect condition and the instructions for cleaning and care were very helpful. 

The flute is wonderful and my daughter (5th grade) has been enjoying it immensely and playing it beautifully.

Even though she is a 5th grader, the music teacher has put her with the 6th grade band and with the 6th graders for lessons.  The music teacher told me she has never done this before, and she is very impressed with Kalieís flute ability.

Thank you so much for helping me make the right decision and sending the flute so quickly.



Hi Liz,


I LOVE the Haynes flute.  It sounds great, and great key action, and a wonderful feel to it.



West Virginia


Liz -

I just wanted to thank you for your flute-educational series, and also let you know that the flute is doing well
(we did the alcohol/wax business with the footjoint joint and it is much happier now).  Apparently some other 
parents also complained about the local music distributor's strong-arm tactics, and next year (in theory) the 
situation will be different.   We've had a few inquiries about 'how to choose a flute online' and handed out your 
email address to those who seemed serious about it...  I'll pass the link along. 

Thanks again for all of your help,

-  Jon M.


The alto is beautiful! Just got it and gave it a quick audition. Full down to low C and even got up to double high C (not that I'll have to do that on this thing) It is dark and woody like you describe.

Anyway, I'm teaching now and heading over to a woodwind friend's house later for him to play and hear me as well. 

Thanks much for the great instrument.



Hello, Liz!
I received the flute yesterday.
I was a bit worried when you said it was a used reconditioned flute, a well used reconditioned flute.  
My brain had pictured a flute that looked nothing like this one,  The flute is absolutely gorgeous!
The mechanisms are very fast and even.  I can actually play passages I couldn't before.  
When I first played this flute, the performance was so much better and I was playing so much better 
that I thought, well, this is so ridiculous it must all be in my head, so I dug out the other flute and played 
my old with my new side by side.  Well, it was not in my head.  This flute actually performs and I play so 
much better.   This flute is so much better that it will definitely give me some learning room for some time!
When I was playing it I had visions of The Music Man with the "Think 
System".  High C - bam.  Low D - bam.  
With this new flute, I just finger the note and think about the note, and out it comes. 
When I would play my old flute I would sweat and shake because the flute was very very finicky and the 
slightest change would drop the note an octave or make the note crack.  This flute sounds gorgeous 
and does everything right. 
And dynamics!  This flute is very capable.  Things that I have been trying to do well for years really 
started to happen last night.
Best part?  By the end of the night only one plug remains -- the G of 
course. :)   I just need a little more practice time.
Thank you for throwing in the plugs and the case.  And thank you most 
sincerely for all your help.

Hi, Liz:

I wanted to let you know that I am so pleased with the new Yamaha 461 flute I purchased from Winds101.  My flute teacher was quite impressed, both with the flute and the price.  I will call you first when it's time to upgrade the head joint!

Peace & grace,


Winston-Salem, NC


Hello Liz,

I got the flute yesterday.  It is lovely!  The intonation on it is wonderful! No problems with shipping.  What a fantastic instrument with a great sound. 

I like the headjoint actually that comes with it, my Haynes headjoint seems a bit to dark but will play with it a bit and see what comes of it.  The wooden headjoint sounds amazing on it.  Itís a very, very nice mix; it really opens up the sound. 

Still looking for a piccolo, if you see anything let me know.  The major factor is 442 and would prefer a split E (in wood). 

Thank you so much, I will keep in touch!



Flautist Ė FlŻtiste

QC, Canada


Hello Liz,

Rachelle's flute arrived two days ago.  It is just perfect.  Rachelle should

get many years enjoyment out of it.  She was able to sign up for lessons with a

wonderful teacher for this she is very excited to have both a great

flute and a great teacher.  Thank you so much for ALL your help; from finding

the right head joint, to locating the special lip protectors, to your added

patience in completing our order.  You went above and beyond.  It has been a

pleasure working with you. 







Hi Liz,
today the headjoint comes in. I am very attired in it.

Thanks and take care




Hi Liz!

Good news!

The flute was nicely delivered.

I could see it trhough a web cam, and it will arrive in my hands in two days!

I'm just..... really....... looking forward to it!!!!!! hear its sound!!!!

But I'm already very happy then.

Thank you for everything

Have nice days!




Hi Liz,

My daughter won't see her flute until Monday night when she comes home, but I took it up to her flute teacher today. She played it for a bit, and said it is definately worth what I paid for it.

Laurie pointed out something that I had already noticed. She was amazed at how well it projects sound. She said she didn't actually feel like she was playing loudly, but it projects so well that you don't actually have to work hard to play it. She also pointed out that it hits notes easily from the lowest all the way up to the highest. She was impressed so I am too.

Thank you!


Thanks for your advice and input on this flute. I may be a former general manager of the London Philharmonic Orchestra but I knew almost nothing about flutes until trying to buy one for my child! I think I have looked at about 200 flutes!! Your advice and comments helped me make that final decision.

I feel very good about this and hope my daughter enjoys it! Thank you!




Dear Mrs. Liz,

The silver headjoint is regularly arrived here in Italy !

The shipment was very rapid and the headjoint fits perfectly and it is outstanding.

I'd like to thank you very much for your service and I'll be very happy to buy a flute from you in the next future!

My dearest wishes

Francesco V.


Dear Liz,

I am so happy with my Emeritus flute and Spell head joint.  It is simply beautiful.  It arrived today from Australian customs in perfect order.  I played my first note which sent shivers up and down my spine.  The sound is so full and rich with a very responsive action.  The finish of the Spell head joint, especially the special 'crown' is excellent.

Your happy Australian customer,



Hi Liz,

Just letting you know that the flute arrived safely in Scotland on Tuesday, just in time for my husband to bring it back with him.  Our daughter is delighted and enjoying this lovely instrument.  When she first heard we were getting her a new flute she was very reluctant to give up her old Buffet flute but she didn't need any persuading once she had tried out the Altus and appreciated its tone and responsiveness.  She took it to her flute lesson the day it arrived.

Many thanks for all your help.


Dear Liz,

   The headjoint arrived safely a couple of hours ago. Thank you very much for this smooth transaction, this was a delight.

All the best,




Hi Liz,

I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your attention and care over my big purchase.  The Pearl Flute is absolutely beautiful and the Tone is so rich.  I love the transitioning.  It's obviously much smoother than the beginner flute I had.  LOL.  I have my books and I am already playing scales and basic exercises.  I have much work but have found that there are a number of things I have NOT forgotten =).  Thank you again for your sincere customer service.





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